This is a one of a kind piece, created by the wonderful Missy Robertson especially for the Mom's March!!! 

The lavender is for the color of the Mom's March--it represents refinement, grace, love, devotion and purity. All the things we’re promoting through the Moms March Movement. It is a shade of purple which is the color of royalty; and it is red, white and blue blended together. The two hearts are for mother and child and the sterling silver reflects our timeless influence. 

​It is only available for a limited time, and once its gone, its gone!! This piece makes a great gift for Mom just because!! (also - Mothers' Day is soon!!) 

Read more about why lavender here: http://momsmarchusa.com/a-day-with-a-mother/​

Read more about Missy's jewelry at ​Laminin by Missy Robertson

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